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Confecció a mida - Catalana de Toldos

We advise you with efficiency and professionalism!

Whatever project you have in mind, we can help you. Whether you want to dress up your home or protect your business, don’t hesitate. We will give you a personalised quote with no obligation or cost to you.

We tailor-make to measure

Our curtains, both technical and decorative, are made to measure.

Resistant materials

Both the structures and the fabrics are designed to last a long time with minimum maintenance.

Designs to clothe and protect

The Bandalux space is a corner in Catalana de Toldos, where you can choose the fabrics, textures, colours, shapes and designs for your curtains.

Acurated installations

We make the installations in the same way as the curtains, with great care, so that everything is perfect.

Tendals punt recte - Catalana de Toldos

Straight Stitch Awnings

It is the oldest awning there is and what we have more present in the collective imagination with the definition of “awning”. Over the years, its design and the materials used for its manufacture have been updated and different models adapted to different needs have emerged.

Tendals articulats - Catalana de Toldos

Articulated Awnings

It is the most versatile and adaptable awning system of all. It can be found on balconies, terraces, gardens, commercial establishments, and always perfectly integrated into its surroundings. Within the definition of “articulated arm awning”, there are different models.

Pèrgoles - Catalana de Toldos


This is the awning for a large folding sliding roof. Its “wave” extension system creates an important cosy effect, while at the same time providing a very important shading surface. It is very versatile and adaptable.

Hosteleria - Catalana de Toldos


We have the most varied solar protection systems, always adapted in a personalised way to every need, every terrace and in every situation.

Cortines - Catalana de Toldos


The curtain has a double function. On the one hand, it dresses and on the other, it protects. Nowadays, the technical curtain and the decorative curtain have been combined in such a way that we have managed to make interior solar protection an integrated element in the current decoration.

Telons - Catalana de Toldos


This is probably the most widespread awning model and the most widely used for urban balconies. It is the roller awning with ceiling and railing anchorage, so it is fixed as a “screen”.

Veles tensades - Catalana de Toldos

Tensioned sails

They are the exterior solar protection integrated into today’s minimalist architecture and the differentiated response for a unique space. The sails are made to measure, in different materials, and can be tensioned, static or rollable.

Veranda - Catalana de Toldos


This is the top-of-the-range roller blind with side guides and cassette, ideal for the solar protection of large glass surfaces, both for roofs and vertical walls.

At Catalana de Toldos, we’ll make it easy for you, whether it’s a project for your home or for your business.

We are based in Barcelona, but if you prefer, we can come to you wherever you tell us and we will give you a personalised quote at no cost to you.

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