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Sale and installation of curtains in Barcelona

Catalana de Toldos is a company based in Barcelona, ​​specialized in the manufacture and installation of all kinds of technical curtains. We have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the sector, since the foundation of our company dates back to 1985. Since then we have been characterized by providing the highest quality service to all our customers.

Top quality materials

All the products we market in our company are made of top quality material. Among the fabrics most requested by our customers we want to highlight the following:

-Reflective fabric (rejects sunlight, lowers indoor temperature between 3 and 4 degrees more than any other fabric)
-Fiberglass fabrics
-Polyester fabric

Of course, all the curtains in Catalonia that we sell have a double purpose, as they are functional and decorative. That is why we have a wide range of colors that adapt perfectly to all the needs and tastes of our customers. In addition, they should not be washed, nor do they require maintenance.

Tailor-made budget

If you need a budget tailored to include both the sale and installation of any kind of curtain or awning just contact us. In addition, we will provide all the advice you need and we have many other products such as:

Parasols Hostaleria
Parasol Hostelería
Tendals Hostaleria
Toldos Hostelería
Pèrgoles Hostaleria
Pérgolas Motorizadas
Pèrgola Bioclimàtica Hostaleria
Pérgola Bioclimática
Veles Eivissenques Hostaleria
Velas Ibicencas

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