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Installation of aluminium awnings

Our company has been installing pergolas, awnings and curtains in Barcelona since 1985. We have an experienced team of workers who will come to your home completely free of charge in order to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs. In this section we would like to introduce you to our service of sale and installation of the awning you need for your home or business.

Three different designs

First of all, we would like to introduce you to the three systems we have available per awning depending on where you want to install it:

  • Straight point: only for windows or for high doorways.
  • Articulated: can be adapted to any structure such as windows, terraces or patios.
  • Bonnets to highlight the entrance of commercial establishments or to be installed in windows.

Any awning installed by our company is always operated by remote control, which is a great convenience for the user. They are also made of lacquered aluminium material and are completely customisable, as they are available in the colour of your choice in Barcelona.

Tailor-made quotation

If you need a tailor-made quotation that includes both the sale and installation of any kind of curtain or awning, just contact us. In addition, we will give you all the advice you need and we have many other products such as:

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