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Our bioclimatic pergolas

Experts in bioclimatic pergolas

Catalana de Toldos is a company that has been dedicated to the sale and installation of all types of awnings, pergolas and canopies in Barcelona since 1985. We are committed to offer an unbeatable treatment to our customers and that is why we have at your disposal a professional advice service completely free of charge. We will now introduce you to our bioclimatic pergolas.

Sensors to adapt to inclement weather

The pergolas that we sell in our company are completely made of high quality aluminium in Barcelona. In addition, they have a rain, temperature and wind sensor, which is the element that makes them bioclimatic. They have a motor that facilitates their opening and closing. In addition, these pergolas have a completely flat roof, which gives them the appearance of a roof when closed. But it doesn’t end there, as their side slats can be oriented to protect them from the wind.

Tailor-made quotation

If you need a tailor-made quotation that includes both the sale and installation of any kind of curtain or awning, just contact us. In addition, we will give you all the advice you need and we have many other products such as:

Pergolas that adapt to weather conditions

  • Aluminium construction
  • Rain, temperature and wind sensor
  • Free quotation

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